Carpal tunnel steroid injection video

Mainly untrue. To be a significant risk factor for CTS both high force and high repetition over a prolonged period of time need to occur. That’s why typing, which is high repetition but low force, is not a risk factor. Assembly line work and other commonly thought of “overuse occupations” are not related to CTS. Except for those with the following high risk jobs, CTS is much more likely to be due to genetic factors or personal issues (weight, age, diabetes, thyroid issues, rheumatoid diseases, etc.) than due to a job. The high risk operations are: Jackhammer operator (high-force vibration over a prolonged period of time; please note that riding in a vehicle is not the type of vibration I’m talking about here), poultry processor, meat packer, meat cutter and cake decorator. Please note that these careers have not been proven to lead to CTS, but some noted authorities have considered these occupations predisposing risk factors for CTS.

Watch Linda tell her painful Carpal Tunnel Journey – how Carpal Tunnel Surgery Failed and then how she finally found   “The Solution to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.” Elijah works on a computer all day as a Freight Forwarding Specialist in New Jersey. He also loves to play Video Games when he gets home with his family and friends. Both activities contribute to Carpal Tunnel. Avid Gamers have a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tend to be passionate and intense about their gaming. Watch Elijah tell his Carpal Tunnel Journey and how he finally found natural relief and was able to avoid the potential complications, long rehab and downtime of Carpal Tunnel Surgery using a natural Carpal Tunnel stretching treatment at night. Marcee is a hairstylist and owns a salon in a Suburb of Kansas City, Kansas. “The surgeon told me to schedule surgery and change my career. I have spent my life building my successful business and career around my salon and did not want to change.” I found the Carpal Solution Therapy and started feeling better quickly. Within 3 days I was 80% better. I am not changing my career. I found the Carpal Solution! Rita is a Court Reporter in New York City who over 31 years developed a bad case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. She works on a Stenotype machine to do short hand for recording the deposition of witnesses for important court cases. Rita had a moment of truth where she had to reduce her work on the stenotype to only 2 days a week due to hand pain, wrist pain and pain that radiated up her forearm. Debbie in Dallas runs a professional cleaning service and is very active with her hands at home doing landscaping and woodworking. “Rest is just not practical for active people.” She said. “The Carpal Solution is ideal for busy people, like me. It gave me my life back!” Anthony is a Network Engineer who spends 10 to 16 hours per day on the Computer. Anthony tells how he lost productivity at work and in remodeling his home. His hands were always cold and he was losing feeling in his finger tips. Bret Golson is guitarist and a Pastor in Northport, Alabama. He tells how Carpal Tunnel Symptoms were slowing him down and causing him to lose sleep. He was determined to avoid surgery and found the Carpal Solution. It started working the first night he used the doctor developed therapy. Learn the facts about Carpal Tunnel. Read articles written by Doctors on hand pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. CTS Symptoms Read detailed articles on a variety of carpal tunnel symptoms.

Carpal tunnel steroid injection video

carpal tunnel steroid injection video


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