Corticosteroids uses ppt

Man made (synthetic) corticosteriods are used to treat a large number of conditions and symptoms. Corticosteriods are used as a replacement therapy when the body is not naturally producing enough of its own of natural corticosteriods. They are also used to treat conditions where there is inflammation, autoimmune conditions or allergy symptoms. Corticosteriod can be taken orally as a systemic treatment to treat the body as a whole or it can be applied to the affected area for a local effect as creams, inhalations, nasal sprays, eye drops, ear drops or injections. Examples of conditions they treat are allergies, asthma, COPD, dermatitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, nephrotic syndrome, adrenal insufficiency, inflammation, Addison’s disease, rheumatic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and lupus.

Published juvenile animal studies demonstrate that the administration of anesthetic and sedation drugs, such as BREVITAL, that either block NMDA receptors or potentiate the activity of GABA during the period of rapid brain growth or synaptogenesis, results in widespread neuronal and oligodendrocyte cell loss in the developing brain and alterations in synaptic morphology and neurogenesis . Based on comparisons across species, the window of vulnerability to these changes is believed to correlate with exposures in the third trimester of gestation through the first several months of life, but may extend out to approximately 3 years of age in humans.

Briefly describe characteristics of the literature searched and included in the review, following the PRISMA reporting guidelines , including the bibliographic databases and other sources searched, search terms used, dates included in the search, date the literature search was conducted, screening process, language limitations, and inclusion and exclusion criteria. The rating system used to evaluate the quality of the evidence should be specified (see table below) and the methods used to evaluate quality should be described, including number of quality raters, how agreement on quality ratings was assessed, and how disagreements on quality ratings were resolved.

Corticosteroids uses ppt

corticosteroids uses ppt


corticosteroids uses pptcorticosteroids uses pptcorticosteroids uses pptcorticosteroids uses pptcorticosteroids uses ppt