Gladiatorerna steroider flashback

Lieberman: We get one day of practice on Gladiators . They introduce us to the gladiators and I go over to one of the girls, touch her bicep. I say, “You’re stronger than my husband,” and she just glares at me. They didn’t know my sarcasm. I’m like, “This Q-tip thing [Joust] can’t be that hard.” Next thing I know, my opponent is snapping my head backwards. . ., can I try the gerbil-cage thing [Atlasphere]? I can’t get rolling. I try climbing the Wall. They give me a 10-second head start, but I’m halfway up when I feel a hand grab me and rip me off. This is practice . The show was a disaster. I was one of the first eliminated; I took my $3,000 and went home with my health. 

That doesn’t lead to a “Steroid Nation,” but it does ramp up steroid use. Perhaps Assael is saying that by not madly protesting the latest athlete exposed as a cheater that we become complicit in the Circle of ‘Roids. We ask for the most from our athletes, and if it means they have to cheat, we don’t care as long as we’re entertained. But when the Mitchell Report was released last December, people did care to know who was juicing. Sure, there was no widespread outrage, but I didn’t read about rallies in support of drug use either.

Gladiatorerna steroider flashback

gladiatorerna steroider flashback


gladiatorerna steroider flashbackgladiatorerna steroider flashback