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Because of the relationship between Uveitis and over 90 different pathogens and autoimmune disease processes we suggest that individuals with recurrent or chronic uveitis be treated by an  uveitis specialist  or ocular immunologist. One may have to travel to see one of these very rare specialists but by doing so, the health of the patient as well as long term positive outcomes for the uvietic eye will occur. some of these consequences to lack of treatment or under treatment are: epiretinal membrane formation, cystoid Macular edema, cataracts, Glaucoma, detached retina, Vitreous hemorrhage, vascularization of the retina.

Exfoliative glaucoma (pseudoexfoliation or PXE ) is another type of glaucoma that can occur with either open or closed angles. This type of glaucoma is characterized by deposits of flaky material on the front surface of the lens (anterior capsule) and in the angle of the eye. The accumulation of this material in the angle is believed to block the drainage system of the eye and raise the eye pressure. While this type of glaucoma can occur in any population, it is more prevalent in older people and people of Scandinavian descent. It has recently been shown to often be associated with hearing loss in older people.

Iritis treatment steroids

iritis treatment steroids


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