Layman's guide to steroids

I am using version & ms office 2016. I have manually created some test cases and exported them as xml. When I try to open the xml in excel 2016, i am getting the following error -“The specified xml source does not refer to a schema. Excel will create a schema based on the xml source data”. If click ok button to proceed further and add some test cases and export the data as xml, again I am getting error as “Cannot save or export xml XML maps in this worksheet are not exportable”. I don’t know whether this is an issue with this version or excel.

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Tamiya has a line of weathering products that encompass pretty much every technique covered on this page. Their weathering sticks are, to my understanding, comparable to Gundam Weathering Markers. Their "Weathering Master Sets" are a mix of pastel weathering and water coloring. Each set comes with a little brush, that along with the pallet and a little bit of water, you apply to your kit. My old Hildolfr was finished using the Tamiya weathering kit pictured above. Using the weathering set was easy to use and I like how the it came out. I have nothing bad to say about it, nor have I heard any negative remarks from fellow modelers. The one criticism I hear every now and then is that you're paying for kits when you could just do everything yourself (. pastels). It's sort of an asinine argument. It's easy, it works, and looks great. Who cares? You can read more on their website.

Layman's guide to steroids

layman's guide to steroids


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