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A main danger of a stalled plane is that it can enter an uncontrolled spin should there be any yaw (lateral) movement — say, in a turn while on approach to land, which could result in a crash; 41 per cent of pilot-related fatalities are due to stall/spin crashes. In the A5, you may stall — and Hawkins intentionally did during our flight (to my chagrin) to show me this feature — but you don't lose control or lift, and it's fairly difficult to enter a spin. (Or as I assumed might happen as a non-pilot, drop like a bowling ball.) For newer pilots, the ease of recovery is an obvious boon.

After designing the software, Nooteboom turned to Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa’s Artemide lamp for inspiration on the design of the sleek projector. With a concrete base and a coated steel body, the minimal design fits in as just another piece of furniture. Now that Nooteboom has graduated, he’s looking for a manufacturer who can produce the hardware and is hoping to build out the app into an open-source platform for generative light projections. “ Similar to the app store, I want users who can code to be able to program new lighting experiences, and for others to be able to download them to their profile and insert them into their living space,” he says. 

Becoming a licensed skydiver sounds like an crazy and extreme thing to do but it’s actually quite simple! The USPA  (United States Parachute Association) offers 2 very structured and successful training methods for becoming licensed. ATP (Accelerated Tandem Progression) and AFF (Accelerated Free Fall).  Both programs put you on a path to becoming a licensed skydiver in as few as 25 jumps! Once you become a licensed skydiver you can jump almost anywhere in the world!  For more information on becoming licensed and going solo CLICK HERE!

Next closest thing to steroids

next closest thing to steroids


next closest thing to steroidsnext closest thing to steroidsnext closest thing to steroidsnext closest thing to steroidsnext closest thing to steroids