Shingles treatment steroid cream

Today is a day 6 of having Shingles. At first thinking it was a mosquito bite or two. Wrong! Was a Critical Care RN, now retired, and so over three days with more blisters appearing along a nerve pathway, realized it was Shingles. Have had the vaccine for Shingles 4 years ago, but apparently there is a genetic component to an adult onset of the herpes zoster virus activation. Unluckily for me my dad had two episodes in his life, the first very severe in the 1990's. As I was unable to see my doctor, as travelling in the US, I decided to see a Pharmacist at a Walgreens in Washington state. He was so helpful and encouraged me to try the product specifically for Shingles which you produce. He said it was fairly new on the shelf.

Many shingles patients experience pain before they develop a rash or blisters. Within several days, the pain will become stronger or escalate into feelings of numbness or tingling. They might also experience itchy burning. Red patches on the skin will begin to appear, along with blisters. These blisters might burst, forming ulcers that are dry and become crusty. This crust should fall off on its own within two to three weeks, with permanent scarring being a rare occurrence. Aside from the side of the trunk and waistline, the rash may appear in other areas of the body, typically around face and ears.

Shingles treatment steroid cream

shingles treatment steroid cream


shingles treatment steroid creamshingles treatment steroid creamshingles treatment steroid creamshingles treatment steroid creamshingles treatment steroid cream