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As early as the age of 18, Krieger began developing visibly male characteristics. Eventually, years of doping left him with many masculine traits. By 1997, Krieger underwent sex reassignment surgery and changed his name to Andreas. [2] Krieger had "felt out of place and longed in some vague way to be a boy", and said in a 2004 New York Times interview that he was "glad that he became a man". However, he felt that receiving hormones without his consent deprived him of the right to "find out for myself which sex I wanted to be." [2] Krieger's sex change operation dominated Germany's news headlines and focused widespread attention on the legacy of doping in East Germany , leading other former athletes to speak out in public for the first time.

While some may prefer the in-game tracking/editing ability, I find that having access to this information causes me more in-game distraction than I care to deal with. Early on in my golf career I tried using some of the golf GPS apps and then a Skypro handheld. I found them to be too distracting at the time. It is probable that I did not give them enough time for them to become second nature but the distraction was enough that I looked for something else. My current ease-of-use in-round items are a laser range finder (distance to pin/to hazard), game golf for post round analysis, and the score card.

Shot putter steroids

shot putter steroids


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