Hows this up to a girl who has a cell phone and ask, hey can I borrow your cell phone real quick, before she even answers/responds, look into her eyes and say, because I promised my mom Id call her the moment I fell in love, and smile at the is gold, Jerry, gold! Or sometimes Ill walk up to a chick out of the blue and in my Seinfeld voice ask, whats the deal with ovaltine, I mean the mugs round, the jars should call it roundtine. on a personal note, Im like 0-147 but I havent *tear runs down my cheek and a frog in my throat*. lost hope.[CSVLB]The worst one I had used on me was when I walked into a room, this guy looks at me and wipes his mouth off and says sit down, I just cleaned a seat off for you [CSVLB]omg there is light coming out of your pants

These 4 products have been tested and reported in real journals to raise natural testosterone levels. Everything I've read about these products is that they were tested on rats in quantities far in excess of what I will be taking. The expectation for me is that even will all these products combined, I will not see an increase in my testosterone levels. We will see. For this experiment, I will not be doing any exercise beyond what my normal workday entails, to ensure my testosterone level is not influenced by muscle gains. I also will not be changing my fairly bad diet. Here goes.