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The actual East German doping program was remarkably effective, having helped the actual athletes secure and protected several olympic medals and also world records. Actually Oral Turinabol was created through this very program for that express purpose of creating “Super Athletes”. As the amount of world record preformances and also olympic medals can attest, it had been rather successful at making a “Super Athlete”. Partly due to this success, and partly due to it’s capability to easily be masked, Oral Turinabol was obviously a highly guarded secret inside East Germany.

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The asterisks in the British record books next to the names of Dwain Chambers and Linford Christie, the two fastest British men of all time, are reminders that the shadow of drugs has been cast closer to home, too. For all the cynicism that has come to cloud her old sport, though, and for all she has suffered at the hands of the chemically enhanced, Cook still retains a deep affection for track and field, relishing the opportunity to dust off the cobwebs and show her lingering paces with the kids at the Thursday night athletics club she helps to run at Mayfield Prep School.

Turinabol sports wiki

turinabol sports wiki


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